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Our eye doctor, Dr. Aaron Mancuso, takes great pride in providing every patient individualized and quality eye care. Our team of highly trained and caring eye care professionals are dedicated to providing you excellent and thorough eye care in a warm and caring environment. We work with adults and children of all ages, with and without eye health issues, personalizing our care for every member of your family.

When you arrive at ClearVision Eye Centers Horizon Ridge, in Henderson, NV, you will receive a comprehensive eye exam to assess your eyes for any health issues, as well as checking your vision. At our office, you can be confident that any eye conditions will be diagnosed and treated, and your vision accurately screened to correct any vision problems. Dr. Mancuso is an expert is diagnosing eye conditions, including cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, and at evaluating your eyes for LASIK and other eye surgery procedures.

Dr. Mancuso is certified in diagnosing glaucoma, and his expertise has helped many patients retain their eyesight. Screening for glaucoma is part of a complete eye exam, and will include tests such as a visual field test and a test that measures the pressure inside the eye. If Dr. Mancus suspects you may have glaucoma, he will administer additional tests checking for optic nerve damage and measuring the thickness of your cornea. While damage caused by glaucoma cannot be reversed, Dr. Mancuso offers treatment that can slow or prevent vision loss, especially if you catch the disease in its early stages.

Dr. Mancuso is also an expert at fitting specialty contact lenses. Specialty lenses include scleral contact lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses and custom soft lenses. If you have Keratoconus, Dry Eye Syndrome or Corneal Scarring, specialty contact lenses may be what you need. In addition, patients with astigmatism or who would like multifocal contact lenses may be great candidates for specialty contact lenses. If you have trouble wearing regular contact lenses, come in for a consultation with our expert Dr. Mancuso.


Experience eye care in a uniquely professional and caring environment.


OptoMap In HendersonWe used advanced technology in our complete eye exam, and one important part of an eye exam is our Optos Optomap technology. The Optomap is a laser that takes a digital image of the inside of your eye. The Optomap is an alternative to dilation, to enable Dr. Mancuso to see about 80% of the inside of your eye. There are no drops, or vision impairment after the exam, so it is very convenient and comfortable. Optos Optomap retinal imaging technology is used to scan for eye disease, and we keep the images from year to year, so we can notice any changes in your eyes over time. Before retinal photography technology patients had to wait days or even weeks to find out the results of their tests. Now there is now no waiting, we see the results immediately. We can discuss and make a treatment plan at the time of your eye examination.

We haven’t forgotten that while seeing well is essential, being seen is also important! Our optical department offers a large and varied selection of eyeglass frames, and we carry all the newest and technologically advanced contact lenses available. Our office carries a selection of popular frames for kids including Ray Ban Kids, Disney, Flexon, Nike and Capri.

When you visit our office, our goal is that you leave completely satisfied and confident with our doctors, staff and services! We invite you to refer your friends and family to our comprehensive website and our practice. If you have any questions please call us at (702) 636-2020.