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Our eye doctor, Dr. Michelle Wong, takes great pride in providing every patient individualized and quality eye care in our modern eye care facility. Our team of highly trained and caring eye care Book Your Eye Exam Now – goldprofessionals are dedicated to providing you excellent and thorough eye care in a warm and caring environment. We are involved in our community, and support our local high school Desert Oasis Athletic Department. We work with adults and children of all ages, and speak multiple languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Tagalog. We, personalize our care for every member of your family, and believe in thorough patient education. We make sure that you understand every aspect of your eyecare experience. We want to make your experience as easy and convenient as possible, so we offer online scheduling of eye care appointments.

When you arrive at ClearVision Eye Centers Southwest, you will receive a comprehensive eye exam to assess your eyes for any health issues, as well as checking your vision. At our office, you can be confident that any eye conditions will be diagnosed and treated, and your vision accurately screened to correct any vision problems. Dr. Wong is an expert is diagnosing eye conditions, including cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, and at evaluating your eyes for LASIK and other eye surgery procedures.


We use advanced technology in our complete eye exam, and one important part of an eye exam is our optos optomap technology. The optomap is a laser that takes a digital image of the inside of your eye. The optomap is an alternative to dilation, to enable our eye doctors to see about 80% of the inside of your eye. There are no drops, or vision impairment after the exam, so it is very convenient and comfortable. Optos Optomap retinal imaging technology is used to scan for eye disease, and we keep the images from year to year, so we can notice any changes in your eyes over time. Before retinal photography technology patients had to wait days or even weeks to find out the results of their tests. Now there is now no waiting, we see the results immediately. We can discuss and make a treatment plan at the time of your eye examination.

We also use an iCare Tonometer in our eye exams, which is a no puff eye pressure check. This test is especially important in screening for Glaucoma. A tonometry test measures the pressure inside your eye. Damage to the optic nerve may be caused by a buildup of fluid that does not drain properly out of the eye. It’s a simple and easy, non-invasive test. A patient stares straight into the examining device. The eye doctor shines a light into the eye to line up the instrument, and then delivers a brief puff of air into the eye. The machine measures eye pressure by looking at how the light reflections change as the air hits the eye.

We strive to make your eye exam as pleasant and easy as possible, but the fun really starts in our optical department. We specialize in Asian fit eyewear, and have a huge selection of children’s eyewear. Have children who are reluctant to wear glasses? Bring them in to have a look at our fabulous designer brands. We also specialize in specialty contact lens including Synergeyes, and custom soft color contact lenses, Don’t have time to come in? Order your contact lenses online.

When you visit our Las Vegas, NV office, our goal is that you leave completely satisfied and confident with our doctors, staff and services! We invite you to refer your friends and family to our comprehensive website and our practice. If you have any questions please call us at (702) 294-2227.